Addiction and Recovery

Recovery Resources On-campus:

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Tuttleman Counseling Services is Temple's counseling center for students. Students may attend individual or group therapy for substance abuse at Tuttleman. For specialized counselors with the Campus Alcohol and Substance Awareness Unit and/or medication-assisted treatment, please contact at 215-204-7276. You may also contact Elana Goldmintz-Gotfriend at

Medical Withdrawl: In regards to medical withdrawal and/or handling class absences due to an emergency, please contact Rachael Stark with the Dean of Students Office at 215-204-7188

Academic Concerns: For assistance with accommodations for academics (i.e. scheduling conflicts with recovery meetings), please contact Disability Resources and Services at 215-204-1280.

Housing concerns: For housing concerns due to roommate conflicts and/or unhealthy living arrangements, please contact Kevin Williams at Each residence hall can provide alternative programming that does not involve alcohol and/or other drugs, as well as 24/7 staff support through Resident Directors, Resident Coordinators and Resident Assistants.

CARE Team is a team of staff from across the University which receives referrals pertaining to students of concern (such as students who have a drinking problem). The CARE team collects additional information and identifies and enacts appropriate strategies for addressing the situation. Visit their website here. 

Alcohol and Drug Education: You can always come see us (the Wellness Resource Center) for a consultation about drug and alcohol use with a professional staff member or peer educator. We also offer educational workshops on substance use. 

Getting Involved on Campus:

Temple Collegiate Recovery Program: A supportive environment open to people who are in long-term recovery, people in active use seeking recovery, and allies of recovery. Find this group on Owl Connect to get involved with social gatherings, educational events and city outings. You can also contact Bob Lamb at to learn more!

Student Activities: Come to "Free Food and Fun Fridays" every Friday from 10pm to 1am for fun, music, prizes, games and more. You can also participate in movies at the Reel in the Student Center, or get involved with Main Campus Program Board to plan fun and creative initiatives and programs for your fellow students!

Office of Community Relations: Get involved in service for the community surrounding Main Campus through volunteering! Contact Andrea Swan at 215-204-7913 for more information.