Alcohol & Other Drugs: "What is the WRC doing?"

Campus community trainings

The Wellness Resource Center wants to equip all members of the campus community with accurate information.  We have a number of trainings and programming available.  Learn more about programming or request a program today!

  • Peer-Facilitated Programs – Student organizations, instructors, athletic teams, and other student groups can request a program facilitated by the WRC’s HEART Peer Educators
    • Alcohol 101Drinking alcohol is common among college students, and this program is designed to help students explore why they choose to (or not to) drink. Through a series of games and activities, students will learn about ways to keep themselves and their fellow Owls safe when alcohol is in the mix.

Additional Health Promotion Efforts

  • BASICSThe WRC facilitates 60-minute conversations with students to discuss their attitudes and behaviors around alcohol use. BASICS supports students in making decisions that align with their values and support their overall well-being in regards to their alcohol use.
  • CHOICES About Alcohol –The WRC facilitates CHOICES, an alcohol education program for students who have been sanctioned after a first-time violation of the Student Conduct Code’s alcohol policy or for use of the Medical Amnesty Policy. CHOICES is a 90-minute interactive group session designed to help students understand their behaviors relating to alcohol use.
  • Online educational programs—Temple students complete online modules to think about the role alcohol plays in their life and learn accurate and up-to-date information.

Efforts to Support Students in Recovery

Substance Use Education and Harm Reduction Work Group— The WRC is working with departments and stakeholders from across campus to contribute to creating a campus community where students in recovery, and all students who do not use substances, feel validated and supported. This includes:

  • Elevating AOD prevention and harm education efforts.
  • Promoting substance free events and activities.
  • Elevating existing resources that can support students in recovery.
  • Continuing to reduce stigma and help build allies.

Navigating Recovery Resources CardLearn about Temple resources that can help support students in recovery

Learn more about Temple University policy about alcohol and other drug use on campus.

Do you struggle with alcohol or other drugs? Take this screening assessment, and learn more about campus resources that offer help.