Healthy Lifestyle Living Learning Community

If being healthy and active are important parts of your lifestyle and you would enjoy helping others create a healthy college experience, then this LLC is for you! During the 2017-2018 year the Healthy Lifestyles LLC will be located in the 1940 residence hall. The LLC is open to all trained HEART peer educators, previous members of the Healthy Lifestyles LLC, and all incoming freshmen.

Temple's Healthy Lifestyle LLC enhances students’ academic, personal and professional growth by offering them a community space with the support of like-minded students, the peer mentor, and Wellness Resource Center staff. Our goal is bringing both formal and informal learning experiences that go beyond the classroom and integrate them with daily campus life. Our prvious evaluation surveys have shown students who join an LLC were significantly more likely to fall into a low-risk alcohol risk group. Additionally, students who live in an LLC have higher GPAs compared to peers not living in an LLC. LLCs appear to be a good support system for lower risk, higher GPA, and a greater sense of community!

Goals and Requirements for the Healthy Lifestyles Living Learning Community

* Promote dialogue between peers about academic and social issues
* Increase satisfaction with your overall academic experience
* Enhance their connection with Temple University and Philadelphia
* Help with the transition to a large university
* Participate in 1 on campus wellness activity and one off campus wellness activity
* Enroll in a 1 credit first year experience seminar class, taught by the Wellness Resource Center staff and peer mentor
Learn how to apply for the Healthy Lifestyles Living Learning Community here.