Interpersonal Violence: “What is the WRC doing?”

Trainings & Programs 

The Wellness Resource Center wants to equip all members of the campus community with accurate information about violence prevention.  We have a number of trainings and programming available [URL].  Learn more about programming or request a program today!

  • Beyond Yes & No: Building A Culture of Consent: How would we feel living in a world where all boundaries are honored? Where we could feel safe and affirmed? This workshop will explore how we can move past a transactional or "Yes / No" framework of consent and how we can begin to work toward a culture of consent.

Awareness-Raising & Community Events

  • Clothesline Project – Started in 1990 as a way to raise awareness about interpersonal violence. Visitors are invited to design a t-shirt representing their own experience with violence or offer a message of hope and social change to others.
  • WalkTU – WalkTU is an annual campus-wide event designed to honor and kick-off Sexual Assault Awareness Month efforts on campus.
  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – The WRC organizes programming throughout the month for members of the campus community to learn more about preventing and responding to intimate partner and dating violence in meaningful ways.
  • January is Stalking Awareness Month - The WRC focuses on elevating conversations of harmful behaviors and how these behaviors have been normalized by media or rendered invisible due to social norms.
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month – The WRC organizes programming throughout the month for members of the campus community to learn more about preventing and responding to sexual violence in meaningful ways.

It's On Us PA at Temple University: Creating Change One Conversation at a Time 

In January 2021, Governor Wolf announced Temple University as one of 42 schools throughout the state to receive It's On Us PA funding [opens in new tab] to support awareness-raising and community engagement efforts. It's On Us is a national campaign to address campus sexual assault [opens in new tab] by engaging all students and activating the largest student organizing program of its kind in grassroots awareness and prevention education programs.

Creating a world free of sexual violence is possible - everyone in our campus community has a role to play in positive change. We hope you'll join us in creating change one conversation at a time. 

Campus Community Collaborations

The Wellness Resource Center organizes a group of campus administrators, faculty, and student leaders to coordinate efforts to address interpersonal violence. This group works together to ensure resources are shared, student voices are centered, and prevention efforts are relevant to Temple University. Recently, the workgroup created a guide for creating trauma-conscious learning spaces and another for organizing thoughtful violence prevention events on campus. Email to learn more or access these resources.


Learn more about how Temple University defines Sexual Misconduct [opens in new tab].

Would you like to report Sexual Misconduct at Temple [opens in new tab]?

Have you experienced violence at some point and want to talk with someone? There are resources on campus and in the community [PDF, 225 KB].