Interpersonal Violence Prevention: "What Can I Do?"

Be an agent of change…

Everyone has the ability to be a force for good and positivity in the world.  We can identify small and large opportunities to build connections and value others.

  • Try taking an informational approach when respectfully challenging a harmful comment or behavior, “Hey, I used to think that way too, but then I learned more about it, and now I try to handle that topic with more compassion.”
  • Highlight positive qualities or potential in someone to avoid them becoming defensiveness when you call them out for making a “rape joke” or victim-blaming, “OMG you’re so much kinder than that – trauma can change people’s lives and we need to understand how complicated it is.”
  • Share a fact or reality with people to counter myths or misconceptions of interpersonal violence, “Did you know that false reporting is actually really rare – maybe about 8% of reported sexual assault – about the same as other crimes.”

Find accurate and comprehensive information…

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (list of sexual violence programs throughout PA by county)

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (list of service organizations throughout PA by county)

Stalking Resource Center

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Violence Prevention


Learn more how Temple University defines Sexual Misconduct and violence on campus.

Looking to report sexual misconduct? Click here 

Have you experienced violence at some point and want to talk with someone? There are confidential resources on campus and in the community.