Mental Well-Being: "What can I do?"

There are many options for supporting our individual mental well-being needs.

  • Take care of YOU by integrating self-care into daily routines in regards to the following areas:    
    • Sleep - Try to get a full night's sleep (7-9 hours) consistently throughout the week
    • Food - Eat a variety of foods that can help you feel energized
    • Movement - Move your body in ways that you're able to and focus on activities that you enjoy
    • “You” time - Make time to do things that help you feel like yourself.
  • Understand and manage stress [URL]
    • Reflect on your values, goals, emotions and behaviors.  Use this information to make choices that align with what's important to you.
    • Build skills for time management and explore relaxation techniques that help deal with difficult emotions.
  • Cultivate self-compassion [URL]
  • Connect with people you care about on a regular basis

Be an agent of change.

Find accurate and comprehensive information…

National Institutes of Mental Health [URL] (NIMH) [URL]

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [URL] (SAMHSA)

National Alliance on Mental Illness [URL] (NAMI)

The JED Foundation [URL]

ULifeline: Your online resource for college mental health [URL]

American Psychological Association [URL] (APA) 

Resources for Faculty, Instructors, and Staff

Student Safety Nest [URL]: Faculty and Staff Guide for Supporting Student Well-Being

Explore the WRC's professional development opportunities [URL]!

Active Mind's Creating a Culture of Caring Faculty Resource [PDF, 1,432 KB]

Resources for parents and families

Set to Go [URL] [URL]: A JED Foundation Program [URL]: For friends and family members


Thinking about getting help? Visit Tuttleman Counseling Services [URL] for on-campus support or seek guidance in the community from the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services [URL].

If you need help for a mental health emergency, contact TUPD (215-204-1234 or 911) or Tuttleman Counseling Services [URL].