Sexual Health: “What can I do?”

Everyone has the ability to act in ways that foster positive attitudes towards sex, sexuality, and sexual identity.

Practice Safer Sex and Get tested…

  • Practice safer sex by utilizing internal condoms, external condoms, or dental dams. The WRC offers free safer sex supplies [URL] to current Temple students Monday - Friday 8:30am -5pm.
  • All individuals between 13 and 64 years old should be tested at least once for HIV. Those who engage in sexual activity that is associated with a higher risk of transmitting HIV, should be tested more frequently. Some individuals should get tested for HIV as often as every three to six months. Risk can be reduced by using a condom every time.
  • Student Health Services provides low cost STI testing [URL] to Temple students who make an appointment.

Communicate about sexual health…

  • Conversations around sexual health and healthy sexuality can reduce the societal taboo associated with the topic. Always treat others with respect and kindness when engaging in challenging conversations about sexual health and encourage others to do the same. “I’ve found that it is most beneficial to treat all people with compassion regardless of differences in sexual orientation, gender expression, etc. We can all use a friend.”
  • Share facts and statistics to counter misconceptions about sexual health, “Did you know that the most common symptom of a sexually transmitted infection is no symptom at all?”
  • Do a bit of self reflection and talk with your partner(s) about the most appropriate safer sex supplies to enhance your sexual experience. “I’ve done some research on internal condoms. They are made from polyurethane instead of latex so it would be safer for us to use in consideration of your latex allergy.”
  • Always ask for consent. “Is it okay if I kiss you here?”
  • Become more comfortable and confident in your sexual decisions. “I’m open to trying this act but not the other one you mentioned.” “This experience needs to be pleasurable for us both, not just one of us.” 

Find accurate and comprehensive information….

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [URL]

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