Sexual Health: "What is the WRC doing?"

Campus community programming

The Wellness Resource Center strives to equip campus community members with accurate information about sexual health. We have a number of informative and fun programs that will leave participants more aware and informed. Review our HEART Peer webpage [URL] for information about programming or to request a program today!

Peer Facilitated Programs - Student organizations, instructors, athletic teams, resident assistants, and other student groups can request a program facilitated by the WRC’s HEART Peer Educators.

  • Sex Jeopardy This educational and entertaining program is modeled after the popular game show. Sex Jeopardy offers participants an opportunity to learn accurate sexual health information while dispelling myths and misconceptions about the topic. Participants will also be informed of on-campus sexual health resources.
  • Cultivating Healthy Sexuality College years often serve as a time for identity exploration. This workshop covers a holistic view of the role sexuality plays in our lived experiences. Participants will explore ways to cultivate healthy sexuality, identify barriers of discussing sex and sexuality, and strategies for effective communication.

Awareness-raising events

  • Sexual Health Fair and TU Test Fest The Sexual Health Fair in the fall and TU Test Fest in the spring are events designed to connect Temple students to on-campus and community resources that provide STI testing and support sexual health.
  • LoveTU is a performance-based event designed to cultivate feelings of community and holistic wellness among Temple students. Students elevate their voices and showcase their talent through song, dance, spoken word, and art to demonstrate personal journeys towards a better understanding of sexual health, sexuality, interpersonal violence, and mental well-being. 

Everyday Sexual Health at WRC

  • Safer Sex Supplies The WRC offers free safer sex supplies [URL] to current Temple students Monday - Friday 8:30am -5pm.  Our offers include external and internal condoms, dental dams, and lubricants.