Peer Education

The Wellness Resource Center seeks to create and foster a thriving network of young adults who are able to support campus-wide health and safety initiatives.

The HEART Peer Educator's job is challenging and rewarding. Peers’ responsibilities range from planning and conducting workshops/presentations in classrooms, fraternities /sororities, and residence halls to the supportive and behind-the-scenes "detail" work that makes programming successful.

Our Peer Educators learn the importance of using effective communication to disseminate information about health and wellness to Temple University students in a variety of settings.  Our Peer Educators also possess the skills necessary to present effective programs and the ability to establish personal and professional boundaries. This enables our Peer Educators to empower and support fellow Temple University students in making healthier and safer choices, and achieving academic and emotional success.

Peers work under the supervision of the Program Director and Coordinators of the Wellness Resource Center. Opportunities will be given to develop written and oral communication skills thru projects such as creating educational materials, displays, interactive games and special events.