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Certified HEART Peer Educators are available to facilitate the programs described below.

You may request any of these programs for your student organization, residence hall, or class.

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  • Peer-Facilitated Programs are scheduled during the semester and require two weeks' notice to coordinate with student peer educators. Please be mindful of when requests are submitted - dates within the first two weeks of the semester and right after mid-semester breaks are difficult times to schedule and we may not be able to meet your request. We appreciate your understanding

HEART Peer Programs are also held throughout the semester and qualify for STARS credit.  Check out our OwlConnect page for dates and times! 

Alcohol 101
This program is designed to help students explore why they choose to (or not to) drink. Through a series of games and activities, students will learn about ways to keep themselves and their fellow Owls safe when alcohol is in the mix!

Beyond Yes & No: Building A Culture of Consent 
How would we feel living in a world where all boundaries are honored? Where we could feel safe and affirmed? This workshop will explore how we can move past a transactional or "Yes / No" framework of consent and how we can begin to work toward a culture of consent.

Cultivating Healthy Sexuality 
College years often serve as a time for identity exploration. This workshop covers a holistic view of the role sexuality plays in our lived experiences. Participants will explore ways to cultivate healthy sexuality, identify barriers of discussing sex and sexuality, and strategies for effective communication.

Owl About Stress
Stress isn’t all bad! Some stress provides opportunities for growth and learning. This program empowers students to reframe how they think about stress by learning how stress affects the mind and body and exploring strategies to find balance and practice self-care.
Owls Stop Stigma
This program explores origins of mental health stigma, how students can identify and support friends who may be struggling, and how each individual can be an agent of change in reducing stigma. Help cultivate a community that cares.
Sex Jeopardy
Play a fun game of Jeopardy that provides information about sexual health myths, STI/STD facts, and healthy sexuality. This program encourages comfort and openness when talking about healthy sexuality in a judgement free environment. 
Take Action, Take Care (formerly known as "Give a Hoot: Owls Speak Up")
College life includes new experiences and situations that can impact well-being. Students will learn how to support community wellness through positive action. This program will provide students with information about the bystander effect, the difference between emergent and non-emergent situations, and strategies for taking action. Students will also practice applying these strategies to scenarios that focus on topics like mental health, body image, alcohol / drug use, sexual health and sexual assault. 
Custom Programs
Don’t see what you’re looking for? If you give us at least four weeks’ notice and a detailed description in the request form, we may be able to accommodate a custom program to suit your needs.

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You can also visit our OwlConnect page for dates and times of STARS workshops held each semester.