Campus Resources

Alcohol & Other Drug  

  • Medical Amnesty: Call TUPD at 215 – 204 – 1234 

    • “Students who call for help for themselves or a friend who needs immediate medical attention due to alcohol and or drug use will not face disciplinary consequences as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.”  

  • Since July 1, 2019, Temple University pledged to become Tobacco Free Temple.  

    • The tobacco-free campus policy applies to all U.S. Temple University facilities, properties, and vehicles. Click the link to learn more about the policy on campus and find local tobacco cessation resources.  

Students in Recovery  

  • Check out our Recovery Resource Card

    • Students in recovery belong and are welcomed at Temple. Check out our resource card to find several on-campus offices that are ready to support you. 

  • Come visit the WRC and check out a book from our Recovery Resource Library  

    • With funding provided by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, the WRC was able to purchase several self-help books, memoirs, and crafting supplies for students to borrow. 

Interpersonal Violence  

  • Tuttleman Counseling Services

    • TCS includes the Sexual Assault Counseling and Education (SACE) Unit which offers crisis intervention, case management, counseling, and advocacy for Temple students who have experienced sexual assault, partner violence, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and/or stalking. TCS is a confidential service that can link students to support, assist in establishing a sense of safety, and help restore connection to themselves and their community.  

  • Student Health Services

    • SHS can provide students with testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and emergency contraception. Please note that SHS is unable to provide forensic (or “rape”) examinations. SHS is a confidential resource to students and can help connect students to further care following violence. 

  • Title IX Office

    • The Title IX Office offers support and accommodations to those who have been impacted by discrimination, harassment, or assault on the basis of sex, gender identity, or gender expression. The Title IX office ensures equal access to educational opportunities, on-campus activities, and more.  

  • Public Safety

    • Temple’s Department of Public Safety is committed to nurturing a safe environment for those who live, work, and visit the Temple community. Confidential reporting is possible through Temple police who can report on details of the incident without revealing your identity. Public Safety also offers services to help you feel safe such as the Walking Escort Program and the Flight Shuttle Service. 

  • Disability Resources and Services

    • DRS works to build a learning community where people with diverse abilities are valued and included. They offer Accessible Housing, Academic Accommodations, Alternate Format Materials, and more. 

Mental Health 

Sexual Health  

  • Student Health Services 

    • Student Health Services provides sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment, pregnancy testing, and routine pelvic exams. They also offer various forms of birth control, emergency contraception, and the HPV vaccine.