In the whirlwind of academia, it's easy to overlook the crucial role that maintaing wellness plays in fostering a successful and fulfilling college journey. The resources on campus, in the community, and nationally that we offer serve as beacons guiding students towards equilibrium in every facet of their lives. Our office is committed to curating a comprehensive array of tools, insights, and strategies that empower students to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Together, we aim to foster a culture where seeking help is a sign of strength and proactive well-being practices become an inherent part of the college experience. 

The Health & Well-being Division  

The Health & Well-being Division within Temple University takes a holistic approach to promoting a campus culture of mental, physical, and social wellness for all students, faculty, and staff. The division includes several Temple departments that offer a vast selection of holisitic care ranging from general education on mental, physical, or sexual health to individual counseling crisis support and more. 

Alongside the WRC, the dividison includes the following University departments:

Student Health Services provides high-quality healthcare to students in a compassionate and inclusive environment to foster overall well-being. Visit the Student Health Services website. See what services are available to students.

Tuttleman Counseling Services offers self-help resources like Welltrack through the Resiliency Resource Center, group and individual counseling, psychiatric evaluations, medication management and referrals for students. Learn how to access counseling services.

Employee Health Services supports the healthcare needs of our employees through high-quality medical services. See what services are available to employees


For any emergencies, please contact Temple Public Safety, using the blue boxes on campus, dialing 1-1234 from a campus landline, or dialing 215-204-1234.