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Have a question about your assigned online program? 

You may find the answer in the FAQ's below. If you are looking for information on a Student Success program (Every Choice or Not Any More), please scroll down past the Campus Clarity/Think About It section and into the "Student Success programs section. 

Campus Clarity: "Think About It"

Frequently Asked Questions for Think About It Parts I and II

I did not sign up for an online course.

Students do not sign up for this course, rather are assigned by University. All students who are registered in classes at Temple will have to complete the mandatory, online program. This course is not a semester long course for credits.

I am receiving a reminder email, but I was completely unaware of this program.

If you are receiving a reminder/past due email notification, you are a user in the system. This means you were intially invited to participate some point in time. Please check your deleted and/or "spam" folder in your email. You may search "Dean of Student's Office" to locate the email. If you believe you are wrongly assigned, please email the administrator at

Why is my completion of this program required?

Alcohol and other drugs, sex and gender - base discrimmination, harassment, sexual assault and interpersonal violence are real issues on all college campuses and beyond. In support of Temple University's commitment to maintain a positive academic environment that is free from any form harassment or bias and to provide the community with knowledge and skills needed to fulfill these responsibilities, all incoming Temple University students must complete the program.

Please Note: This program is required for all Temple University students, including our growing population of non-traditional Owls. Discrimination, harassment and violence affect us all, regardless of age, gender, and any other identity. In addition, anyone taking courses at Temple is protected inder Title IX, so even if you are well-versed in discussions of sex and gender equity, it is still important for you to know your rights as a member of our community. For these reasons, the course is required for all non-traditional and distance learning students.

I am a non- traditional student- why must I complete this program?

While parts of this program are directed toward younger students, we believe that non - traditional students at any point in their lives can learn something new. This educational content can be useful to people from all walks of life. Below are examples of ways that you can apply what you learn in the program to your life, no matter what stage of life you are in

  • How to talk to your family and/or children about consent, warning signs of an abusive relationship and ways to drink responsibly
  • How to approach a friend who you fear may be in an unhealthy relationship
  • How to support a loved one who is a survivor of sexual assault
  • Dynamics of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, harassment and discrimmination involving LGBTQIA+ populations
  • How to respond to incidents of discrimmination that you experience or witness
  • Myths and misconceptions about alcohol and drug use
  • How to recognize and respond to alcohol poisoning
  • Resources you can use as a TU student
  • How Title IX protects your right to an education and more information on filing a Title IX complaint

What happens if I don't complete the program?

Students who fail to complete the program will receive a hold on their account. This hold prohibits a student from being able to request a copy of their transcript. This hold will not prevent you from scheduling courses and will not imapct your current course registration.

Content Warning: The content in Think About It deals with situations of sexual assault, sexual violence, and gender based violence and may be triggering for some people. If you need support please contact the resources below.

If you feel you need personal assistance with any of the presented topics, please know that Tuttleman Counseling Services is available. They can be reached at 215-204-7276.

How do I get started/access to this course?

You should have received an email invitation directly from CampusClarity and Dean of Students to your Temple student email address. Click the link in the email to get started, or visit to sign up. You will sign in with your Temple accessnet username and will be prompted to create a password. YOU DO NOT need a special access code to access this course.

How longe will it take to complete this course?

Most students can complete Part I of this course in 1.5 to 2 hours. You are able to log in and out of the course, meaning you do not have to complete it in one sitting.

Part II will be sent out approximately 6 weeks after Part I and should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Will I be penalized for completing the program late?

If you fail to complete the program on time, you will  still have access to complete it past the due date. You are never "locked out" of you CampusClarity account. You may see a hold placed on your transcript, but that hold will be removed, within 3 business days, upon completion of the program.

I completed the program - when will my hold be removed?

All holds are removed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12pm.

Do I need to send someone my certificate of completion?

No. Temple University administrators of the Think About It program will be able to track your progress and completion without without receiving a certificate of completion.

I am having technical difficulties (including, but not limited to, trouble logging in with username and/or password, program is not loading and/or is frozen, program won't open browser, etc.)

For any technical difficulties, you will need to contact CampusClarity's helpdesk at 800-652-9546. You may also email them directly at . Please keep in mind this company operates on Pacific Time.

Who will see my responses from the program?

No one will see your individual responses to any questions asked asked through the program. Students have the option to select a "no response"  option for each question. Temple University will be able to see the collective data of the student body but not specific responses from indiviulas. This data will help to inform future programming for students. All data is de-identified, meaing CampusClarity will not have access to individual data as well.

I completed this exact program at a previous univeristy - do I still have to participate?  

If you have previously completed Think About It Part I and/or Part II at another institution you may be exempt from participation. In order to be unassigned from the course, you must send your certificate of completion to the administrator at

If for any reason you are unable to engage with the course, please contact Andrea Seiss, Title IX Coordinator, at


Student Success FAQ's (Not Any More & Every Choice Refresher)

What will happen if I do not complete the program?

If you do not complete the program, you will have a hold placed on your account. The hold is a “transcript hold”, which prohibits you from viewing or sending your transcripts. It does not impact course registration or financial aid.

Why is this mandatory?                        

Federal law requires that Temple ensure that all students receive sexual misconduct training. The law and its implementing regulations apply to all students and makes no distinction among undergraduate, graduate and professional school students, in person or online learners.  Therefore, the President’s Committee on Sexual Misconduct recommended strongly that every Temple student should have continuing education on the issues of sexual assault, harassment, and substance use and abuse throughout their college career, and all students are required to complete this online program.

How long will it take to complete this program? 

If you are graduate student, the program should take about 20 minutes. 

If you are an undergraduate transfer student, the program should take you about an hour.

If you are an international student, the program should take you about 45 minutes. 

If you are a sophomore, the Every Choice program should take you about 20 minutes.

Is this email spam or is this a legitimate training from Temple University?

This email is legitimate. We use an outside vendor to send emails and the program is hosted via Canvas. 

Who is required to take this course?

All graduate students, transfer undergraduate students, sophomores, and all international students are required to complete the program.

What grade to I have to get to pass this course?

An 85% on the “Post Test”

What if I need Technical Assistance while using the "Not Anymore" program?

If you have difficulties while using the “Not Anymore” program, click the HELP button at the top right of the program window, or contact Student Success via email at Be sure to provide your student ID#, first and last name and the best way to reach you. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

Why do I keep getting emails from Student Success/Not Anymore?

Student Success will send reminder emails until the training is complete.