Peer Education

Peer education gives undergraduate students at Temple an opportunity to lead important conversations about well-being, build partnerships with student organizations, and support campus conversations about what’s most important to students. Wellness Peer Educators facilitate Wellness Resource Center programs, participate in campus outreach, and support other initiatives.  

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a Wellness Peer Educator:

  • Participation in the training program and facilitation of WRC programs provides an opportuniy to become paid staff with the office. 

  • The training program occurs over one weekend during each semester and includes exploration of peer educator competencies, background on health promotion, and skill-building in public speaking and community engagement. 

  • Pass the Certified Peer Educator (CPE) exam at the end of the training. 

  • Receive training in two established peer facilitated programs.  

What are some characteristics of an effective Wellness Peer Educator?

  • You enjoy working with others. 

  • You are reliable and responsible. 

  • You have a willingness to speak in front of an audience or to grow your public speaking skills. 

  • You are interested in creating a healthier and happier campus community. 

  • You strive to be a non-judgmental role model (and role model does not mean perfect!) 

  • You are a current undergraduate student at Temple University with at least two semesters left in your academic journey. 

What are some reasons to become a Wellness Peer Educator?

  • You want to contribute to meaningful change on campus. 

  • You are exploring ways to enhance your resume with new and in-demand skills. 

  • You are interested in learning about wellness topics. 

  • You want to expand your personal and professional network and develop additional supportive relationships. 

The opportunities continue beyond successful completion the training program. Wellness Peer Educators are offered multiple ways to stay engaged and create positive change:

  • Plan and participate in campus community meetings to learn more about trends in health promotion, celebrate successes with fellow peers, and learn about campus events and resources.  

  • Assist with the development of WRC programs, workshops, and events. 

  • Promote and participate in programs, events, and campus outreach opportunities. 

  • Facilitate peer programs and workshops. 

Ready to Become a Wellness Peer Educator?

  • Recruitment typically starts early each semester - be sure to follow us on social media (we're @BeWellTU) for announcements! 

  • Fill out our Peer Educator interest form

  • Once accepted, you will enroll in the next available program training. 

Promote well-being and cultivate community by becoming a Wellness Peer Educator!