Mental Well-Being Promotion & Education

What is Mental Health?  

Mental health can include the experiences and inner resources that enable us to navigate life, recognize our strengths and skills, meaningfully learn and / or work, and contribute to our communities. It is as important as our physical health and influences our relationships, goals, and ways of living in the world. 

Positive mental health allows people to live satisfying and purposeful lives, cope effectively with challenges, and work productively. Positive mental health can be cultivated by focusing on: 

  • Gratitude and what brings us a sense of happiness 

  • Activities that connect us with joy and meaning 

  • Relationships with people who support our goals and authenticity 

  • Our goals and accomplishments 

Practicing Self-Compassion 

In addition to the handouts, videos, and resources listed on the right side of this page, one supportive habit to boost your mental well-being is self-compassion. How we talk to and about ourselves – especially in times of stress or challenge – has a big influence on our sense of well-being.  

One way to think of this is asking yourself how you would respond to a friend or someone you cared about when they share a problem or challenge:  

  • Bring mindful awareness (rather than over-identification) “This feeling is embarrassment.”  

  • Find a shared human experience (rather than isolation or individualism) “Everyone is a beginner at some point.” 

  • Express kindness (rather than judgment) “You’re trying your very best.” 

Other Tips to Promote Mental Well-Being  

  1. Take care of you. Find a sleep, snack, and movement routine that helps you feel connected and balanced. 

  1. Manage stress. Chronic stress can take its toll on our physical and mental well-being. Explore strategies that bring you calm, presence, and perspective.  

  1. Get Involved. Finding peers and giving back help us connect with something bigger than ourselves. Join a student organization, volunteer in your neighborhood, or advocate for an issue that means something to you.