Sexual Health

Sexual health includes pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Sexual health is a life-long journey - we are always learning and growing. 

Elements of Healthy Sexuality 

Healthy sexuality is consensual. Consensual experiences include behaviors that align with our values and asks us to be intentional with our feelings and choices. Consent involves a practice of mutal respect, whereby we’re considering how we want people around us to feel. 

Sexual acts without consent are sexual assault or misconduct at Temple University [opens in new tab].. The WRC has a number of programs and opportunities to get involved in sexual assault and interpersonal violence prevention [opens in new tab].  

Healthy sexuality may also include taking care of yourself through routine screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The most common STI symptom is no symptoms at all, therefore it’s important to get tested. All STIs can be treated and managed with medicine and some can be cured entirely. The most important choice someone who is sexually active can make is to get tested regularly and engage in safer sex every time. To learn more about STIs and getting tested at Temple, visit Student Health Services. Visit our resource page for more information on testing sites in the community. Some sites even offer contraceptive services and gender-affirming care.