Wellness at Temple

The Wellness Resource Center team approaches health promotion and violence prevention from a holistic and public health lens.  We want to ensure individuals, groups, and the entire campus community feel resilient and empowered.

We realize that many college students are faced with the decision of whether or not to use alcohol and other drugs. These substances, while there may be some reported benefits, can interfere with a person’s ability to thrive and succeed.  The WRC aims to offer evidence-based and intentional harm reduction messaging and education about substances. We emphasize personal choice and autonomy so that students can make informed decisions.

We believe that interpersonal violence, such as sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking, can be prevented through comprehensive programming and by creating a community that cares about and for one another.  The Wellness Resource Center offers trainings, events, and resources designed to reduce stigma and promote positive norms.

We know that the transition to college can be difficult and that students bring their entire selves to campus. Our approach to promoting mental health and well-being includes programs, trainings, and events that cover associated topics such as suicide prevention, mental health awareness and stigma reduction, and teaching positive mental health concepts. Our goal is to cultivate holistic programming to enable all students to flourish.

We understand that college is a time of self-exploration and discovery. We want students to feel empowered to explore sexual health decision-making in ways that enhance their well-being. The Wellness Resource Center provides events, programs, and resources designed to dispel misconceptions, promote safer sex, and inform individuals how to care for themselves and their partners.